Tips for the winter season

Tips for the Winter Season

tips for the winter season
Tips for the Winter Season

Basic Tips For the Winter Season

The quality of digestion is more important: in winter. the quality of assimilation is so powerful that it is suitable for the processing of any food, regardless of its size and size. So. you should take a legitimate amount of food.

Winter Diet

Winter Diet oils. Ghee. A food with a lively and salty taste. Crab amphibious creature. angle and so on. Meat with fat. Distinctive organic wines, cattle drains, and products. Sugar cane and its articles, sesame oil. Crunchy grains are prescribed. Avoid cold drinks, air circulated through drinks. Maintain a strategic distance from the light to transform food.

Vitamin D

There is a shortage of vitamin D due to lack of daylight. A diet rich in vitamin D is suggested - salmon, tuna. Cod liver oil. The fish suffered grains. Clams backed soy items. Ham. Dairy products. Egg. Mushroom. Yogurt. Cheddar. Squeezed orange and tomato.

tips for the winter season
Tips For the Winter Season

Vitamin E

Have a larger amount of food rich in vitamin E sunflower, almond. Pine nuts. Peanuts. Spinach. Linseed oil, soy, pistachio. Broccoli, carrots, mustard and turnip greens. Mangoes. Nuts. Papaya. Pumpkin, red peppers

Use of Hot Water

To counter the effects of winter. A shower with heated water and boiling water for drinking are suggested.

Scrub With Oil

Scrub with oil is very prescribed. This makes the skin smoother. Improves blood flow (Cold climate - increment of information - increment of torment). Thus, the massage oil relaxes the muscles and reduces the throbbing pain. Similarly, it is recommended to use an anti-glare oil to maintain a strategic distance between the scalp and dandruff. Hair loss, brain pain, headaches, etc., very common in winter.

Rub Your Palms

Rub your palms from time to time, it is best to experience a simply dry palm. It keeps a good circulation of blood on the hands and legs.